Best Camera For You Tube (Start Your Business Right)

Camera’s Best For Youtube

Ready to start off your You Tube business? You`re at the right place as usual. Find your Best Camera For You Tube today! You are going to discover everything you need to have your channel rock HD solid.

A Few Things You Should Consider First

As usual, we must make a “pre-purchase list” of things to look out for. Especially if you are just starting up your business. Since it`s best camera are required to own if you want to sound and look as professional as possible, then image and sound quality is the first thing you will search for.

But of course that could also be questionable and highly dependable on budget. So before you go fishing, make sure you have just enough to make your buy worth your trouble. And your business worth the hustle.

After you`ve dealt with first two, the next big thing to take care of when grabbing that best camera will be camera`s recording time and battery life. 

And if you are an active You Tuber aka vlogger, then your cam`s portability is one of the key things besides the price.

Just make sure you are completely, 100% ready and you know what to look for before you start comparing prices and best camera specs. 

Which Is The Best Camera Type For You Tube?

Now, we already showed you the four main types of cameras in the article we did on “Best Bridge Cameras On The Market” hereIf you missed it, let us remind you. So, we have Digital Single Lens Reflex or DSLRs, Compact Digital or Point-And-Shoot, Bridge (Advanced Compact) and MIrrorless ones.

Now there are couple of more types to consider when this kind of business is involved. You may consider three more types of cameras: action, camcorders and smartphone cameras. So if you own a pretty lavish cell phone, your budget will not be a problem at all.

Let`s Autofocus Things Here

Maybe not so big of a deal in other niches, but with best camera options in You Tube vlogging, it`s something to seriously accept as huge plus. Most of photographers like their focus set manually, but with video blogging, it`s a different thing.

Especially if you are just starting your private business. You will probably spent most of the time alone in your house and/or in outdoors. So having Autofocus on your best camera, is the one thing you cannot miss out here.

One other thing to have in mind here is optical image stabilization. If your best camera doesn`t have it, your videos will end up blurry most of the time.

Audio And Screen Quality

Already advised at the beginning, the more than good audio quality is also very important here. Because most of videos are usless if in HD if they sound weak and audio distorted.

Now as for screen quality, it`s not of much importance as its mobility. Look out for Flip-Screen camera types, as they give excellent overview of your work instantly. They provide flexibility and if they come with touch-sensitive power too, you hit the first prize.

Best Camera For You Tube 2017

Now, here we are at the end of our little journey, the ultimate seek for that best camera for You Tube. And, since it is about that one best of them all, we will still put couple of categories, regarding the exact type of camera. And the need of use. And each of the category will have one best cam in it scanned thoroughly.  Here they are!

Best Smartphone Camera For You Tube

When talking about best camera in Smartphone category, then you know we are talking about the whole package. The actual cell phone with that solid HD integrated camera. If you already own some of the phones like iPhone 6 Plus or Samsung S6you know that you can go 4K here.

But, they do have a slight glitch and it`s not just the high price they come with, if you are not the owner. The video resolution drops immensely when the camera gets flipped around. Also the low light performance is not their best feature.

So, it can be a good starting point if you are really out of options for getting other types of cameras. But don`t bother having your You Tube page marketed if you plan to go with this option on a long road.

Other best camera smartphone models include:

Acer Liquid S2

Sony Xperia Z5

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge


iPhone 6s

Motorola Goodle Nexus 6

Moto X

LG G Pro 2

Sony Xperia Z3

Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro K920

Best Webcam For You Tube

They may not be so down with portability, but for your first time, they could be more than perfect. Webcams are maybe the best choice for the budget starter You Tubers who are just new to all this. And/or just don`t want to thing too much about it, but having a more than decent HD video for their channel promo.

Some pretty great best camera models are available at very affordable pricing, and they are:

Logitech C930e

Logitech C930e 1080P HD Video Webcam – 90-Degree Extended View, Microsoft Lync 2013 and Skype Certified

Logitech Brio 4K Pro 

Logitech BRIO – Ultra HD Webcam for Video Conferencing, Recording, and Streaming

Best Action Camera For You Tube

As for your action channel, we picked up the best camera that can do the job with ease. Action cams are not something to be taken so lightly. The latest models can provide supreme video quality, and their biggest plus is they can be super-portable. So if you`re hosting an adventure or any kind of outdoor channel, go for any of our top picks here.


SJCAM SJ6 Legend 4K Wifi Action Camera Dual Screen 16MP Remote Waterproof Sports Cam- TouchScreen/0.9 Front LCD Screen/170 Degree Wide Angel/Gyro Stabilization/External Microphone Supported- Black


SJCAM SJ7 Star Wifi Action Camera, 4K@30FPS Ambarella A12 Chipset/2″ TouchScreen/Sony Sensor/Wireless Remote Control supported/Gyro Stabilization,Waterproof Underwater Camera (Case Included)- Black

GoPro Hero 4


ThiEYE T5e

ThiEYE T5e Wifi Sport Camera,Ultra 4K HD16MP Sony Sensor/Ambarella Chipset Action Video Cam Compatible with External Mic,197FT Waterproof,170 Wide Angle,App Control

Sioeye Iris4G 

Sioeye Iris4G Live Streaming Action Camera

Best Camcorder/Compact Camera For You Tube

We have one more best camera category to review. And give you the hand on tips. The Camcorder/Compact Camera section will also feature couple of great affordable models to suit everyone`s pockets. Or at least the vast majority ones. Check them out!

Nikon Coolpix S7000

Nikon Coolpix S7000 16 MP Digital Camera with 20x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom 3-Inch LCD (Black)

Canon PowerShot SX260

Canon PowerShot SX260 HS 12.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera with 20x Image Stabilized Zoom 25mm Wide-Angle Lens and 1080p Full-HD Video (Black) (OLD MODEL)

Canon Vixia HF R72

Canon VIXIA HF R82 Camcorder (Black)

Panasonic HC-V10

Canon ELPH 360 HS

Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 Digital Camera w/ 12x Optical Zoom and Image Stabilization – Wi-Fi & NFC Enabled (Black)

Nikon D3200 

Nikon D3200 24.2 MP CMOS Digital SLR – Body Only (Certified Refurbished)

Canon PowerShot S110

Canon PowerShot S110 12MP Digital Camera with 3-Inch LCD (Black)

Canon PowerShot SX410 IS

Canon PowerShot SX410 IS (Black)

Nikon D90

Nikon D90 DX-Format CMOS DSLR Camera (Body Only) (OLD MODEL)

Zoom Q2HD

Zoom Q2HD Handy HD Video Recorder with 2GB SD Card and Two AA Batteries

Panasonic HC-V520

Canon PowerShot SX610 HS 

Canon Powershot S200

The Conclusion

What`s the best thing you could do? Consider a few more things along the way. If your best camera budget is the main thing that will make the final call on your initial decision, then pick the lowest-priced one.

If you have enough money, but still don`t want to spread so much, you should take notice of the camera`s internal memory and the max video size it can record. Also, the battery life may seem not so important if you own an USB cam or you`re in any other way plugged-in. Otherwise, a good battery best camera is your no.1 pick!

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