Nicki Minaj Ass Real Or Fake? Remy Ma Puts Nicki On Blast

Nicki Minaj Ass

Nicki Minaj ass real or fake? There is always talk about celebrities and whether they have had plastic surgery or not. Some will openly admit it and some will have you guessing. Kelly Rowland for example, had a boob job which she admits openly, and the late great Michael Jackson who everybody knows about.

Let’s take the size of Nicki Minaj’s ass for instance. It’s gone from neat to did you see what I saw?

nicki minaj ass real or fake

nicki minaj real or fake

Many guys would get  whiplash if she walked past them. The emergency room would be full!

Nicki Minaj Ass Real Or Fake?

Truth be known, she is not the first and certainly will not be the last female to enhance her assets. A curvy figure is what most men like. They have been a feature in hip hop videos for years.

Nicki Minaj has taken it a step further and comes across as an animated superhero. She released a song called Anaconda, where the lyrics were contradictory when she was asked about it during an interview.

Never mind Nicki they still love you ass or no ass. They don’t mind.

You don’t have to take my word for it though, we asked people what they thought on Google+. The results were pretty much what we thought, it’s always good to get views and opinions from non biased sources.

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nicki minaj ass

nicki minaj ass real or fakenicki minaj ass real or fake

The Big Beef Continues

And as it usually goes not unnoticed, the infamous beef between Remy and Minaj keeps unrolling still. Ma got the final shootout in her latest joint “ShETHER” using Nas`s instrumental diss on Jay-z from 2001 “Ether”. The brawl supposedly started after Nicki smashes the first bar hit on Remy Ma in “Make Love”, Gucci Mane`s joint.

Remy returns the shot dissin` Nicki about her fake ass, we still can`t confirm is actual truth. But Ma also states that she is done with this word-tennis match, that she has said what she got on her mind and she won`t be turning head around for that old story.

She also refuses to reveal the actual picture behind the real life scenes, telling on Nicki Minaj`s character as a person. Ma only confirmed that there are a lot of bad things that public eyes don`t know about Trinidadian Rapper.


Some Rumors Are Confirming It

Some rumor sites have lighted up the Nicki Minaj behind farce firmly vouching that all the rumor drama is actually 100 % true. Allegedly, Nicki`s close friend and one of Hip Hop`s biggest directors has actually confirmed for the source saying the rapper let him touch her booty. And accepting the pleasure, he felt the background implants of Barbie doll.

On the other hand, the new Anaconda creator still stands behind her words of having all natural in the back trunk. Who would you rather believe it`s completely up to you. at this time, the triggering question still hangs loose on final conclusion.


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