Mist (Birmingham Rapper Music Videography) (All About Brum Towns Finest)


Not so long ago, we exclusively revealed and comb-through Mist`s freshest project “MIS To The T” and give a first hear into the real depth of this firing Birmingham bullet. This next page will cover Mist`s short, but very eye-candy like videography, just to touch on his great potential and stay re-amused.


These next four visual accomplishments promote Mist`s angle of look on this beautiful art in Hip Hop culture. Here they are!





Produced by Steel Banglez and submitted through GRM Daily, “Madness” is one super-raw craft of visual expression.  With real life talk and dramatic thematic, Mist talks about pain as a main fuel for his push over the edge of greatness. Mist uses his hurt to bounce off strong, and therefore, as he manages to survive and gain huge success, he feels thankful. Wonderful act of emotional state.


“Ain’t The Same”


Published on October fifth with seven and a half million views “Ain`t The Same” shows the uniqueness of Mist`s signature act and crew`s roll. Shot in Dubai, visual shows Mist enjoying the lavishness of his talent-deserving life.


“Karlas Back”

His first delivery “Karlas Back” became an instant viral warm that crawled into our veins subtly. This night-sneaker turned out to be UK`s best club hit.


“On My Ones”/ “Ciao Bella”

First banger Trap collabo brings success to Mist when he joined MoStack in “On My Ones” jam. Produced by Shadow On The Beat , this trapper holds on to it`s legacy strong.

Second part of the visual reproduction includes “Ciao Bella”, a short featherly-fly joint about Mist`s ride or die chick. It`s a single-introductory cut and again Mist kills them bars in a flick of an eye.


We reached the end line on this video fader, glad you stayed by my word-side. Hope you are enjoying this stories, as usual, stay up with us, subscribe and get the latest in Hip Hop music industry only at this hot spot.


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